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fsopen sessions not showing
Dave Wave
United Kingdom

11th Oct 2013
For about the third time in as many weeks the listing of sessions has been lost. I believe this is due to my isp taking down the server for a minute or so and displaying a temporary web page. I coded FSopen server to handle network and server downtime, but did not account for a temporary web page.

I am looking for a permanent solution to this but for now I'm afraid that servers will need to restart to show on our session listing page.

If anyone saw any weird messages tonight, please post them here.

Dave Wave
United Kingdom

12th Oct 2013
OK, turns out that there was a very small time out which host resolved quickly and sessions seem to have re-appeared once connectivity was resumed.

ISP replied below.

Apologies, there was an issue with one of our upstream network providers. Their engineers have been on site and have resolved the issue. We've disabled the upstream provider that was having the issue and are using a different one.

All systems were back to normal within about 10/30 minutes from what I observed.

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