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The Perfect Server?
David Bartlam
United Kingdom

14th Oct 2013
I'd like to get as many opinions as I can for the following questions:

What, in your eyes makes the perfect server?
What is your favourite thing to do in FSX?
Do you prefer Teamspeak or FSX default comms?
What would you like to see more of in the hosted sessions?
What sort of events would interest you?
What makes a server unique?
What makes you return to a server?

I'm just doing a little research into a project I have in mind to change how my server operates.

If you could please spare the time and post your answers, if greatly appreciate it :)

Dave B
Dave Wave
United Kingdom

14th Oct 2013
I always enjoyed landing competitions.

Our Italian friends had one recently, looked fun!

David Bartlam
United Kingdom

14th Oct 2013
We tried one not long ago which was popular with our members but didn't seem to attract any new ones. We had some good prizes up for grabs aswell. I think it was because I incorporated it into our airline software so we had a programme to monitor touchdown speed and rate. Definitely something I need to do again with a. Little bit of research. Thanks for the feedback Dave
Robert Dunn
United States
15th Oct 2013
Mr. Bartlam, My initial draft attempting to answer your specific questions from the point of view of a sister FSX-FSOpen community seems to have run into three pages. I will post this at a later time but now it would effectively hijack the intent of your thread here. That initial draft speaks far too much to the necessity of inter community cooperation and respect and the mutual benefit of preserving the health of our collective FSX multiplayer efforts here. While I would love to propagate this overall health of our hobby and passion, this is not the thread in which to share these thoughts.

Briefly then, from the point of view of an interested sister community:

The perfect server needs to be, in order, stable, (for our community) always on and lastly, fast enough. Thank you Dave Wave for advice posted elsewhere that have enabled us to better tune our host server, 'specially in the stability aspect.

The favorite thing to do in our community seems to be scheduled themed group flights. Second is impromptu themed group flights. After that is our fledgling ATC efforts. Also we enjoy themed events like airshows, aerobatic competitions and the like. Italiani Volanti's landing competition looks very interesting and lots of fun. Our only attempt at such a skills competition was poorly advertised and therefore poorly attended. Thanks for sharing Italiani Volanti's experiences in that, Dave.

We run TeamSpeak3 exclusively for several technical and social reasons. My more lengthy reply explains our reasoning in voice and text comms.

Our members' interests govern what we do for group flying fun. As far as the "more of" part of your question, apparently a subset of our pilots want more ATC and more varied skills demonstration events. We continue to endorse RealFSX for a more complete FSOpen-ATC tab controlled airspace experience. For internal reasons that I can explain later, we do not make use of the excellent FSOpen-TeamSpeak ATC tab interface at this time.

The sort of events favored by our community currently are briefly but adequately listed above.

Of course it is the community that makes a server unique. We continue to endorse your historical excellent training, both in ATC in the past as well as individual pilot training currently (as best as I understand). The specific events you host should garner interest of the event-aware greater multiplayer community. We endorse and would love to publicize such events, their times and their themes. We have discussed this events calendar here in FSOpen forums in the past. I would love to reopen that discussion. EasternHops runs a more adult themed active community with possibly the single most popular scheduled event in their Cessna Sundays. We seem to attract many younger but talented and enthusiastic pilots and we give those pilots the help they need to get going and a community atmosphere that their parents would approve of.

What seems to bring visiting exploring pilots back to our server is a spirit of available help and the essentially unstructured nature of our offerings. Our help seems to be much more basic than that help offered at FSXWorldwide, consisting mainly of configuration and tweaking help as well as solving common multiplayer connection problems one on one, live, on TeamSpeak and TeamViewer. As I understand your previous posts, your brand of help is much more sophisticated and task specific.

Again, I'd love to share my much more lengthy answers to your questions but I can only respond from the point of view of a fellow host operator. I endorse and hope for lots of topic specific responses to your server and community operation questions from the greater multiplayer population here. Again, if there is anything you can imagine we at can do to further your efforts or the worthy efforts of any of the other major or smaller interest specific FSX-FSOpen communities here, please post those requests here or contact either our community or me personally.

Thanks again, Mr. Bartlam and all you other community administrators for what you do for the greater pilot population out there.

Respects, Bob...

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