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Who wants to run a dedicated FS2004 server? I can generate traffic for it through my website
Jarno van Werkhoven

5th Jan 2014
Hello all,

I'm looking for someone who wants to run a dedicated FS2004-server.
Without any costs I can add your server to my website
What's in it for me? I'm looking for more traffic on my website...
What's in it for you? More traffic in your FS2004 sessions... we already have a dedicated Prepar3D-server?

Open for thoughts, suggestions, etc as well :)


Jarno van Werkhoven
Curley Campbell
United States
6th Jan 2014
On the P3D question... is workin hard on that at the moment.

You can also see this post :
Jarno van Werkhoven

3rd Feb 2014
Thanks Curley!
I will get back on that soon.


Robert Dunn
United States
5th Feb 2014
Cheers, P3Dv2 enthusiasts. Our friends in Poland have Polish language facilities at POLAND-Sesja-P3Dv2 (near the end of FSOpen sessions list). has taken it's P3Dv2 host server off line for an indeterminate amount of time. seeks to either form a P3Dv2 server cooperative with any and all interested communities or, for now at leaset, highly recommend this well laid out but Polish language website and P3Dv2 host at IP's P3Dv2 host server has been once again pressed into duty as's main FSX host server and this computer is the only DirectX 11 P3Dv2 capable server in our host array. It's been very busy on our FSX host and the other available FSX host server installations around our community don't seem to hold up as well as this particular computer and fast internet that is now our main FSX host.

I see a familiar name to us, Gregor Michaj, over at POLAND-Sesja-P3Dv2. I have logged into their P3Dv2 host, left a chat window message via Google Translate paying my respects but I made no further chat contact with this fine bunch of cutting edge pilots. I am registered as gamertag "ROBERT DUNN 2" on many of our simming communities' websites and I intend to register on POLAND-Sesja's website in the near future to further contact my friend, Gregor Michaj.

We at are impatiently awaiting the patch release for P3Dv2 from Lockheed. Our community will get a lot more serious about P3Dv2 hosting when the Windows 8.1 incompatibilities with P3Dv2.1 are worked out.

Y'all stay in touch on this P3Dv2 public host topic, now...Okay?

Mr. van Werkhove, is working on an alternate host server arraignment that will include compatibility with FS2004 but, at this time, that investigation has stopped because of basic incompatibility with FSOpen Server2. We have no plans to support FS2004 by itself and I'm sorry, I can't recommend an independent FS2004 host to you.

Respects, Bob...

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