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Auto Messaging
Kenny Fox
United States

18th Jan 2014
Hi Again.

I just purchased the FSOpen Pro, and I have a question please.

Can I disable the auto messaging with out disabling the robot?

Thank you,
Kenny Fox.
Brendan Harris
United Kingdom

18th Jan 2014
I have been wanting this feature as well Dave!
Joshua Creese
United Kingdom

18th Jan 2014
I would appreciate this feature to be added
Dave Wave
United Kingdom

18th Jan 2014
We advertise your session to thousands of people on this web site.

In return you should advertise fsopen on your website and within your session. The bot does this as well as informing users of what's available.

So the answer is no :)
Florian Lefebvre

9th Feb 2014
so if I summarize well as customer pay you, we do not have the right to remove or advertising space, or the right to have free access to our own flight data from the pages http:// / maps / planeinfo.php and without passing through your page <iframe ... src = "http://www. / maps /? HostID ... </ iframe>.

Honestly it is abused.
I think your ICO equivalent to our French CNIL does not totally agree that the last point.


donc si je résume bien, en tant que client qui vous payons, nous n'avons ni le droit de supprimer ou d'espacer votre pub, ni le droit d'acceder librement à nos propres données de vol issus des pages et sans passé par votre page <iframe ...src="</iframe>.

Honnêtement c'est abusé.
Je pense que votre ICO équivalent à notre CNIL française ne doit pas être totalement d'accord ce le dernier point.
Grant Farmer
United States

9th Feb 2014
How about increasing the time to 10mins. That will give more time between messages for people who only use the chat box so that the message pops up a little less frequent.
Dave Wave
United Kingdom

9th Feb 2014
The point is members advertise fsopen, lots of people come here, lots of people end up in your session. You seem to want a specific rule for just you.

If you want your session listed then a post every 5 minutes is what you have to endure.

I have had this conversation many, many times and since we have more people flying and more sessions then ever before via fsopen I think I'm making the right decisions.

Fsopen is free for under 10 players, people who buy licences are subsidising your session in effect.

Rant over

David Bartlam
United Kingdom

9th Feb 2014

If you're looking for something different, stop using the software and use VATSIM?

I've never had an issue with advertising FSOpen, when we first started we relied heavily on Dave's advertising to reach new members. The least we can do is return the favour, I understand you think you pay for the product so you should choose what you see in the bot... But before subscribing, you knew that this is a feature of FSOpen
Curley Campbell
United States
10th Feb 2014
The option to provide new players information specific to your session in the chat box is a great asset. All FSOpen does is also drop in a harmless quick add. No big deal.

He also allows quick access to both your website and TeamSpeak on the session list; which is another great option.

Personally.... in my session we do NOT use the chat box at all.... we use TeamSpeak for all comms. It is really way to difficult to try and fly and type at the same time.

He also has other software to handle all the ATC info.. for those that wish to use it.

Free... or the Pro version.... either way, you will NOT find anything out there better than what Dave has worked so hard to provide to the flight sim community.
Vivas Enrique

10th Feb 2014
Unless i'm mistaken, i bellieve that disa the robot bling auto messaging not work.I did not acitvat the robot and my session it no does not work.
Sauf erreur, je crois qu'en désactivant le robot l'automessage ne fonctionne pas. En tout cas, je n'ai pas activé le robot et dans ma session çan ne fonctionne pas.
Dakoda Neilson
United States

12th Feb 2014
Just throwing this out there, what if you gave us the option to pay a few dollars more to get the option to turn of the auto text injection. Or what if you had a auto text injection button to delay the injection for like 20 minutes.

I say the later because often I am remoted-in doing work with packets on the server PC and its always annoying to be copy and pasting something only to have it go to everyone in the server. I am normally working 20 minutes or so just looking at packets and this way you could use the computer and not have to have it completely dedicated to FSopen and FSX.

Just an idea to think about.

Dakoda Neilson
Real world pilot and Member
Chase Alexander
United States

13th Feb 2014
@Dakoda Neilson

That is exactly my point. I work on the Server PC and don't need the bot sending out my information every 5 minutes. Dave please just reconsider it. People want this and honestly, I don't care about the ads, I care about the fact that the robot is posting. If you can think of another way to put ads in such on the strip at the top of the window where it say like Player X Joined the Session you could put This Session is Managed by
Dakoda Neilson
United States

13th Feb 2014
@Chase Alexander would adverse FSopen on our webpage more if we didn't have to deal with the 5 Minute text injection one. Also I agree its not the ads that we are pissed about. Its the fact that that private message to a user in teamspeak or that email you where typing just got sent out to the whole FSX server. That's the issue.
Dave Wave
United Kingdom

14th Feb 2014
Not going to change, I gave my reasons above. End of :)

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