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FSOpen server and realworld weather
Noah Iida
United States

2nd Feb 2014
Hey dave i was wondering if you could make a feature on the next update of FSOpen server that will load real world weather into my server and update like FSX use to.
David Bartlam
United Kingdom

3rd Feb 2014

FSX still does this. When you set your server up and select your plane, location and time, you can also set your weather to real world static, updated etc. this is done through your FSX. When people connect to your server, they get the same settings as you have set up in your FSX. The weather, time etc are all the same.

I do believe that if you run up Dave's Open Clouds, you can inject a more detailed cloud base into the server for everyone for up to 500miles from your server location. I have Active Sky which takes the information from my FSX server and just enhances it.

To answer your question though, Real world weather is enabled through the server hosts pc
Noah Iida
United States

3rd Feb 2014
Ya I know how to set it up but a couple days ago the real world weather was not updating but it just started to update 30 mins ago thanks for the reply.

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