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Prepare 3D 2.1 now out
Dave Wave
United Kingdom

12th Feb 2014
The first update for version 2 is now available. Just done my first flight, sort of wow, wow, wow. Higher detail then fsx and silky smooth and it's not like I've got a great PC.

Anyone else tried it yet?
Geoff Server
United Kingdom

12th Feb 2014
Post some videos am interested to see.
Geoff S
Dave Wave
United Kingdom

12th Feb 2014
Nearly did as I haven't seen anyone else post one by lunchtime, alas I'm flat out at the moment. Clouds also seem much improved, seen patchy cirrus clouds for the first time.

Robert Dunn
United States
13th Feb 2014
11:06:26 will put up the same P3Dv2 host server that we have intermittently presented previously at that same IP I've visited Poland-Prepar3d v2-1 host server at IP both at ver. 2.0 and 2.1 with stable success. Gregor Michaj's community's web presence at is impressive, informative and inPolish. will officially get serious about P3D multi support now that ver. 2.1 upgrade fixes most all of the issues that Lockheed addressed. More information will come upon completion of evaluation and testing. Preliminary results indicate wonderful multiplayer stability and improvements in close proximity lag. Could we please get some multiplayer pilots to log onto these (currently) two P3D host servers and give some performance feedback? May we here from both community staff and members their P3D multi intentions and requests? Further host server information on these public 24/7 P3D host servers can be found on down the FSOpen/info/sessions page. Descriptive P3Dv2.1 multiplayer-specific screnshots to come.

Respects, Bob...
Vivas Enrique

16th Feb 2014
Hola buenos dias
I installed this updating, at the graphic level I do not find significant change, on the other hand I have the impression that the flights are now more fluid. There is also my session P3Dv2.1 in Fsopen " ESPAÑA SIMULACIÓN " who is opened from time to time for those who speak Spanish.
Hasta luego.

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