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How Can People Find My Server IP?
Chris Globe
United Kingdom

14th Aug 2014
My server IP is not shown on the FSOpen website, nor on the website of the organisation is it provided for (it is an invite only server).

However, it seems that at least once a week, someone totally external to the organisation and certainly not someone I have provided the IP address to is able to join the server.

Why is this?
Dave Wave
United Kingdom

14th Aug 2014
Chris, It's possible someone hacked the json from the session list to see the IP, I've removed it so can't happen again.

The other thing is a user might try the same address range as your teamspeak server.

Or then again someone could just be telling the person.
Chris Globe
United Kingdom

14th Aug 2014
Cheers Dave, server and TS IP addresses are nothing alike, could be someone passing it on - I'd hope not though (private is private for a reason! haha)

Glad to see you've taken preventative action on the JSON though - thanks!

Tim Walters
United Kingdom

16th Aug 2014
Just put a password on the sessions sir.

Christian McGrath
United States
17th Aug 2014
I have FSX, the server client and the web browser open, and once the server client is on, My server isn't there on the session list.

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