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Tim Walters
United Kingdom

12th Sep 2014
Hi Dave

The following JSON data is available and I am using it for the FSXEU APAMS ( system:

I have added to the APAMS system an option where pilots can leave feedback for our ATCs.

However, one slight problem I have is that the ATCs can vote for themselves!

Would it be possible/practical/politically correct for you to include the ATCs IP address in the JSON data so I can prevent or reduce the number of ATCs voting for themselves?

Kind Regards

Tim Walters
Dave Wave
United Kingdom

17th Sep 2014
Reluctant to do this as it's a loophole for others to gain access to what could be considered private data.
Tim Walters
United Kingdom

18th Sep 2014
Yeah - that's half what I expected. Not a major problem,. only a niggle.



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