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Flight Strips Help
Ross Grimmer
United Kingdom

22nd Sep 2014

Every time i open flight stips a message appears saying:

Unhandled exception has occurred in your application.

On the details bit it says "Exception Text"

Under that it says some thing about Microsoft flight simualtor.sim connect.

Can any one help!!
Dave Wave
United Kingdom

23rd Sep 2014
Try installing simconnect
Ross Grimmer
United Kingdom

25th Sep 2014
Nope not worked
Tony Koskinen

8th Oct 2014
I've had many, many problems with Flight Strips in the past, here's what I would do.
1.) Restart your computer and try again.
2.) Try running as admin / in compatibilty mode if avail.
3.) Re-Install Simconnect, Direct X and that microsoft c++ redistribution.
3.) Uninstall all FsOpen products, then install them again.
4.) If all else fails, >>!!backup your data!!<< and reinstall windows completely, start fresh, by the time you found what was wrong (that's if you do) you've already got everything installed and restored as it was.

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