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Pena Bravo

5th Oct 2014
We have a problem with some aircraft. they emit many packages. How can we avoid this?

Thank you.

Derek Haselden
United Kingdom

6th Oct 2014
Hello Pena,
Unfortunately there are a small number of aircraft, usually add-ons (not default aircraft) that cause packet issues. This will be especially so if those aircraft are being shared, assuming you allow aircraft sharing.

Have you set the auto-kick function in FSOpen server software to eject aircraft generating excess packets over a certain value? I have mine set to 1500 packets which is tolerable but I have heard that some servers are set to 1000 packets or less. What is your packet limit set to?

Much will depend on the quality and speed of your internet connection as well as how powerful your server PC is insomuch that a better connection/PC speed will tolerate such problems - up to a point!

If you note the aircraft type you may be able to prohibit them in future. How about contacting the users and asking them to not use that aircraft?

Its a difficult issue this but one worth following since just one or two dodgy aircraft in a server can mess the game up for others or even crash your server.
Derek H.
Pena Bravo

7th Oct 2014

Thank you very much!


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