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FSX (O&SE)/ P3D/FS9 NAVAIDS/MagVar/Fixes Update Guide
Richard Coton
United Kingdom

3rd Jan 2015

Hello All and Happy New Year,

I wanted to raise awareness among the realists like me about how much you can actually update your FS to reality despite the obvious like additional scenery and the like.

One of the most common things ATC's and Pilots alike use are Fixes, Navaids, waypoints, frequencies, magnetic variations etc. Yet most still use the 2006 cycle that was put in FSX.

This website will allow you to update all of that through the use of three simple utilities/processes that would last less than 5 minutes to actually do.

1) FSX/P3D Navaids update

World Navaids package
Installer v7.11
Cycle (AIRAC) 1413
Effective: 11-Dec-2014

The link above will lead you to download a zip file containing a small application which will automagically do this job for you. Unzip and run the main .exe, selection 'All' in region selector, tick the first tickbox to update MagVar Data and then tick the third box if you are based in Europe to get even nitty data like airport frequencies updated to proper.
(Most are grossly out of date anyways, use charts and AIP's!)

Note for FSX:SE - I did get this to work but only after a full install of both games, reinstall FSX:SE and it asked for a directory to which you can put to FSX:SE.
If only on FSX:O or P3D then it should auto-detect.

**NB: This package correlates with the Real Life AIRAC Cycle, this means it will be updated as per the 28-day cycle, it is predictable and the most updated, put it on the calendar!**

2) Fixes (intersections) update

Selected regions
Selected regions

-W-o-r-l-d-w-i-d-e p-a-c-k-a-g-e- (NO)
America (North)
America (South)
-E-u-r-o-p-e- (NO)
Far East
Middle East

These updates (FS9, FSX and P3D) contain BGL files that will update some terminal and en route fixes (intersections). Worlwide and selected area updates are provided.

Just copy the provided BGL file(s) in the sim [Addon Scenery/scenery] folder or any specific declared subfolder in the Addon Scenery folder, replacing any previous version(s).

Obsolete (decommissioned) intersections will not be removed

FSX/P3D and FS9 Navaids update users who selected the "Alternate Europe set" shouldn't install the Europe package (already included) and also avoid the worldwide package. Prefer using additional selected regions instead.

Updates are only made available on a 3-month basis (next 1503)

Cycle (AIRAC) 1412
Effective: 13-Nov-2014

This one is every 3 months and they are telling you which cycle it will be, see


Updated Magvar data
(Updated 2010 & 2015)

This appears to be updated every 5 years due to MAGVAR not really significantly changing day-to-day or cycle-to-cycle. All you do is copy the magdec.bgl into your scenery/base/scenery.


In response to the new game and my FSX messing up at an appropriate time, I shall be investigating what works with FSX:SE as of when I get the time, I shall keep all parties informed. Hope this helps some!

Richard Coton
EASA Part-FCL Private Pilot Licence (PPL) Trainee / Avid FS with Aspergers ;P
FSXEU.COM / Coventry Aeroplane Club

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