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WEFLY FSX - EVENT 1/14/2015 - 5PM EST - TS3 Required
Vince Begin
United States

14th Jan 2015
Wellll, here we are, sitting in our Koffee Klatch Kitchen, and we kiddies thought this thought.........

J3 Piper Cub, a stock aircraft, doing (very) short hops, of course, for a slow wee bird. Perhaps 20 to 30 miles each??

Where?? Start point is...

KSEA and we will pick a short list of TnGs and ending at someplace then do it all over again.
You WILL need the following

Pen and paper
A RUNNING copy of the WeFly Hopper
A sense of humour....
Be on Teamspeak address is as follows

Kickoff will be the usual 5PM EST
new members are reminded of the following.
be courteous
If you ask for information, acknowledge its receipt when given.
Example.... you ask, What day is it? ... reply, Wednesday, you respond, Wednesday, thank you

Why am I saying this so obvious thing? Because its needed!!!

See you tonight!!

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