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PREPAR3D v2.5 public multiplayer server now available at IP
Robert Dunn
United States
23rd Jun 2015
Greetings again, simming community admins and pilots. is (once again) offering a PREPAR3D version 2.5 server to the general simming public. This P3Dv2.5 24/7 public server is located at IP P3D version 2.5.12945.0 available via hotfix patch or redownload of the latest install files from is REQUIRED for successful multiplayer connection. See links below.

It is our intention at to make this P3Dv2.5 openly available to interested pilots and communities. Neither membership nor even interface with the community is required to log on, altho we welcome one and all to visit our TeamSpeak3 at server ID or our website at for any help, reports of connection success or problems or just general chat.

In-game voice has, for our own technical reasons, been disabled. Feel free to find your own communications medium (your own community's TeamSpeak, a private Skype, in-game chat box, etc). However, all are welcome to use's TeamSpeak with either your own private channel or one of our populated general channels.

Even as has been intermittantly offering P3D servers since that platform's opening day, this new P3Dv2.5 server facility is being defined as an open beta test invitation. It is our intention to declare this P3D server as fully tested and (hopefully) bug free within two weeks from the timestamp of this post.

Please confirm that your in-game (NOT router) P3D multiplayer ports forwarded are set to the default 6112-6122. Port settings are located at menu Flights/Multiplayer/Network Settings/Host Settings/Port Range. We have noted misdefined in-game port settings as a connection problem with some pilots in the closed portion of our server's beta testing without being able to determine how those in-game ports became misassigned. Ports 6112-6122 are the default ports for FSX based platforms altho FSX:Steam adds a Steam-specific port forwarding requirement of 27016. This P3D server is NOT associated with nor compatable with Steam nor FSX:Steam, however.

Please report your multiplayer connection experiences here in this FSOpen forum thread, in in-game chat (if you are successfully connected), on the applicable forum thread linked below or to my email at P3D multiplayer requests and suggestions are also welcome.

At this time this P3D server is NOT running the FSOpen bot as it is a shared use host computer. At this time, we are availing ourselves of Dave Wave's free FSOpen license as we are still in a testing phase. At such time that this P3D server proves viable and populated, it is our intention to dedicate this server and therefore run the FSOpen Server2 bot with all it's valuable tools and to buy an FSOpen pro license. Thanks again Dave Wave for all you do for all of us.

Link to P3Dv2.5.12945.0 hotfix patch number 4 and hotfix explanation here: forum P3Dv2.5 server performance discussion thread here:

Thank you in advance for your server performance reports.

Respects, Bob...

Dave Wave
United Kingdom

24th Jun 2015
Good luck Robert, P3D is great, love the cloud shadows.
Robert Dunn
United States
24th Jun 2015
Our community appreciates your well-wishes, Dave. Thank you. I will personally keep this forum as well as other simming sites apprised of this public P3D multiplayer effort's progress. I will restrain myself, however, from again evangelizing on the inherent benefits of the enhanced P3Dv2 graphics engine and total software or Lockheed's business model but those valid arguements for P3Dv2 are legion. Thank you also, personally, for the thread editing help.

I will more fully explain the reasons and motivation as well as a backstory concerning this current P3D multiplayer effort but at a later time. I personally hope to make more thorough use of the Server2 code modifications you laboriously worked on when P3Dv2 was first released. We all appreciate that effort.

Respects, Bob...

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