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No Dedicated PC Available For Server
Harold Crowell
30th Jun 2015
What are the ramifications If I run the FSOpen server on the PC that I use to fly?
Andy Mooring
United Kingdom

30th Jun 2015
Hi Harold.

It won't work. You have to have a separate computer to host a server session in order to fly in it. To fly AND host from one machine would be too big a task for your computer to handle I.E. bandwidth on your internet, the number of people joining/playing on the session, how much memory will be swallowed especially if your using a laptop, graphics if in high usage etc.

With a separate computer you won't need to worry about all the graphics and the other stuff as you can set them to a low or the lowest setting which will not compromise the machine you wish to use for flying. The only thing you will see on both machines is the players.

Hope this helps but if you need further assistance, drop a message to DaveWave (on the forum) he will get back to you as soon as humanly possible or anyone else for that matter.

Happy trails :o)
Joe Clifford
United Kingdom

1st Jul 2015
Hi Harold,

It is possible, but not recommended because it's just not practical. I've done it a number of times when, spontaneously, a small group of us wanted to go flying.

My PC is rather low in the specifications department. It's just your typical office machine, so it only just runs FSX anyway.

When hosting a session, you're unable to change your aircraft without ending the session. Obviously this is no good for a full time server because you'll be kicking people out, left right and centre whenever you want to change A/C. Thats one reason why it's not practical.

Another is the BOT. FSOpen Server Software has the ability to post messages to the Server Chat Box with information about the server, as well as telling users details about their aircraft etc along with reasons a user was kicked. The list is quite extensive nowadays so I've not detailed its full capabilities.

They only way to access the Chat window in FSX is to simulate keyboard inputs. Therefore, every x seconds the server software ensures that FSX is the active window, presses Enter on the keyboard, pastes the relevant message into the chat box and sends it (Or at least this was how I think it's done. I'm not sure if anythings changed). With the BOT enabled, what you'll find is, that window will keep popping up during your flight & this can become annoying. You can resize the window so its really small but thats not ideal. Sadly there is no other way (to my knowledge) to do this.

You can of course disable the BOT function but then you're loosing a large amount of functionality.

So, basically, if you're just wanting to open a session every now and again to allow you and some friends to do a little flight, I don't see what the problem is, however, by the same token, I don't see the point in using FSOpen server with it. If you're wanting to host a session for anyone to join and fly about in, using the same PC is not really a viable solution, unless of course you're happy to fly around in the same A/C and struggle to move yourself to different parts of the world quickly.

Andy Is correct in that there will, of course, be more load on your PC as it is not only trying to render your gameplay but it's also handling all the multiplayer data thats coming in and out. Remember that FSX only has access to a limited amount of RAM as it's a 32Bit program, so no matter how fancy your PC is, you'll be restricted.

Any other questions, or need further clarification, just ask :-)


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