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Flight Strips Error
Clay Brock
United States

9th Jul 2015
Whenever I Open Flight Strips with FSX open, it instantly makes both the Flight Strips client and FSX fatal error, but when I open up FLight Strips just by itself, it works fine. (It doesnt connect to FSX because its not running). Im not sure whats going wrong. I tried to search up why this was happening but none talked about the program crahsing FSX.

Please help
Laurence Woodside

14th Jul 2015
Similar issues, non responsive when running on Windows 8.1, however, runs fine on Windows 7.
Dave Wave
United Kingdom

14th Jul 2015
I don't have win 8.1 so can't test but if it were a problem then lots of people would be saying so.
Joe Clifford
United Kingdom

15th Jul 2015
If running in Windows 8/8.1, try giving compatibility mode a try.

From your tiles menu if you hover over to the right (I think), the side menu will appear and along with it the search bar.

Type 'Flight Strips' into the bar so it comes up. Right click the 'Flight Strips' search result and click 'Open File Location'

Once it's opened in a new window find the flightstrips exe/msi and right click it. Go down to properties. In the new window, click the 'Compatibility' tab. Then from the operating system drop down choose Windows 7.

Apply and Ok.

That may resolve some issues...


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