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Brandon Morgan
United States Minor Outlying Islands

20th May 2016
Are you interested in formation flying, military operations, or just general aerobatics within FSX? Well then come on down and register at with the FSX Airshow Association by visiting and creating an account! Lots of fun planned for this summer!

We have three large FASA Sponsored Airshows coming up this summer with many more that are endorsed...

FASA Shows include

- FSX Royal International Air Tattoo
- FSX Oshkosh
- FSX Wings and Waves

The FSX Airshow Association has been around since 2010 and is continuously growing into what will one day be the center of FSX Airshows!

We have lots of experienced simmers within our community and lots of people who are willing to help you improve on aerobatics, formation and much much more!

You can find and register with us online by going to we also have a teamspeak 3 server available at

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