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SID/STAR Map is blank when controlling FIR
Rami Abou Zahra

6th Nov 2016
So I was controlling for Sweden on FsFlyboys and when hitting the map, I could not see anything, it was just blank, no matter how much I zoomed. I switched to tower but I was still saying that I was controlling center but this is bugging me for a while, is this how it should be? I am referring to charts instead of the map for ground movement etc but it would be nice to actually see the traffic (yes, I can't even see the traffic on the map) and to see where they're instead of referring to the fsx map.
Dave Wave
United Kingdom

8th Nov 2016
I just came into the session and opened the map and I could see the aircraft in the session as small yellow dots on the map. Click on the tag button no the top right to toggle labels.

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