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Christmas Cross Community Event
Andy Roo
United Kingdom

24th Nov 2016
I've put together a large Cross community event around Lapland for Christmas.

This is a chance for different communities to mingle and have a chat to like minded people which they otherwise might not.

This will be a cross platform event using a newly developed pilot client which allows for both versions of FSX and P3D to fly together.

The event will take place on Saturday the 17th of December at 20:00z and will consist of a large group flight of 100nm, before ATC start to open a number of airports.
EVERYBODY is welcome to join in and full details can be found on the page below.

I hope to see as many groups represented as possible on the day.

Tim Walters
United Kingdom

26th Nov 2016
The Group will be there!
Chris Pringle
United Kingdom

7th Dec 2016
Alright Roo,

Good catching up with you yesterday

I will be there :) Hopefully Fslyboys as a whole as well.
Andy Roo
United Kingdom

8th Dec 2016
Good to hear Chris.
Speak to you shortly.
Robert Smith

8th Dec 2016
EasternHops Community will be there
Callum Mander
United Kingdom

8th Dec 2016
hi there guys, my name is Aarllo and I was just wandering what communities could take part in the Lapland/hops type event. The Community I fly for has unexpectedly shut down and so was wondering whilst I was here, if anyone knew of any good fsx communities. And Chris Pringle, how can I contact you?
Andy Roo
United Kingdom

9th Dec 2016
Hi Aarllo,
EVERYBODY is welcome, whether your apart of a community or not.

Make sure that you read the info on the page below and check that you can connect easily before the event.
This will save you from trying to troubleshoot problems during the event.

Andy Roo
United Kingdom

14th Dec 2016
A quick reminder that this event is this coming Saturday.
Check your setup now by following the instructions on the page linked above.

It will be busy and I hope to see you there.
Tim Walters
United Kingdom

19th Dec 2016
An excellent event with 7 online communities represented!

Thanks to you Andy for taking the time to arrange.
Simeon Dahl

29th Dec 2016

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