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players online list not working fsopen server
Serenity Williams
New Zealand

10th Dec 2016
Hey all

The fsopen server does not seem to show any players on it so we cant do admin commands.

no one shows in the joined list.

People can join the server with no issues, is this project being actively worked on??
Dave Wave
United Kingdom

12th Dec 2016
I'm guessing you are using fsx steam edition which does not work with fsopen
Jason Craven
United States
30th Dec 2016
is there going to be a fix for the fsx steam i like this program
Dave Wave
United Kingdom

2nd Jan 2017
Jason, I can't write a fix as Dovetail don't want to work with fsopen. It's a pretty small market anyway. Hopefully this year will bring us some more modern flight sims to work with.

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