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I would like to create a server please.
Yovanniel Santana
Dominican Republic
12th Dec 2016
Hello Dave, My name is Yovanniel Santana from Dominican Republic, I would like to create a public server in Fs Open for FSX but I can´t do it. I thing that I´m doing something wrong creating a port in my wi-fi módem, actually I don´t know how to do it. Please I want to create this server for practice with my student pilots friends. We have the corrects intentions for this server. Help me please.
Dave Wave
United Kingdom

12th Dec 2016
Depends on your router but normally you would do this

1. Create a static ip address for your server, you normally do this on a router. Static means it doesn't change. Normally your router allocates an address like

2. Forward UDP ports 6112-6122 to this static ip address you just reserved above.

3. Make sure you firewall on the server also allows the same ports above to come in/out

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