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unknown (list no xx)
David Figge
United States

21st Apr 2020

Hope all is well in these crazy times.

We've been getting a lot of "unknown(list no xx)" for our players. Some get this right after joining. Can you help with this? I tried to include a picture but that's not working - here's the link to the screen shot

Best regards,
Joe Dirt
Dave Wave
United Kingdom

22nd Apr 2020
I think this happens because I've picked up a network packet from a player after fsopen software was started.
David Figge
United States

23rd Apr 2020
Any work around Dave? At times this occurs after the FSopen software has been running for 7 or 8 days
Dave Wave
United Kingdom

24th Apr 2020
Not that I can think of. I'm away from home while this covid thing is happening so I'm afraid I can't check the source code out. I have practically no internet where I am!


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