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Duplicate/Mismatched information
Jonathan Nathanson
United States

22nd Oct 2012
Hey All; "Wingman" from the group here. I've noticed something that I'd like your input on: In the screen capture linked above, you'll see player: p76a circled. At the time of this capture, this player was having connection difficulties. I was flying in the session at the time. P76a is NOT (as noted in his teamspeak client info also depicted), nor is he an admin. That\'s MY IP, and admin status being shown. Is there a general-knowledge fix for this duplication/misalignment of names? It\'s happened quite frequently, but I don\'t always get a chance to take a screen capture. Any suggestions/ideas would be appreciated. Happy Flying! -Wingman
Dave Wave
United Kingdom

23rd Oct 2012
I'm currently away at the moment. I'll have a look at the weekend for you.

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