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Stephen Hoodless
New Zealand
14th Dec 2012
We have joined Fsopen several days ago and having problems trying to host a session between ourselves. We can all connect to current sessions available but if either of us host a session we cannot connect to each other even though our names are in the sessions list. We are all in Fopen and Pilot assistant.
Dave Wave
United Kingdom

14th Dec 2012
Hi Stephen,

1. In fsx check you are using ports 6112 to 6122.

2. You need to set your router up to forward these ports to the internal ip address of your pc hosting the session. Probably starting

Stephen Hoodless
New Zealand
17th Dec 2012
Hi Dave
Thanks for your quick response and information that has cured our problem much appreciated.

Thanks again

Robert Joyner
United States

22nd Dec 2012
Hello Dave W. I am in California, USA and have routinely flown on line with a friend of mine near Blackpool. We often do SAR type flying. I have down loaded fsopen and piolt assist. We would like to host a session so we can put in weather and times. Still can't figure out how to do it. Any help would be appreciated. Thx. R
Chris Dilworth
United States

23rd Dec 2012
hello i have ben on fsopen for about a two weeks me and some friends trying to host cant host or join my friends, but we can sign to other people session. do we need a low level driver is that whats stoping us, if so there is a lot of them out there, dont the write one to get. pls help thx chris dilworth.........

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