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ATC Radar
Matthew Myatt
United Kingdom

1st Mar 2013
Why does the radr not display destination information of AC when the info is in Flight Strips.?
Upamanyu Pattnaik

2nd Mar 2013
Do you mean in the session info window or the radar screen?
Sarvesh Patel
United States

10th Mar 2013
Can u pz make it clear
David Figge
United States

11th Mar 2013
If you mean the fsx radar screen - the airport destination has never worked.

Best regards,
Dave Wave
United Kingdom

12th Mar 2013
The destination ICAO code on the radar only shows with AI traffic using a flightplan. I think someone used the wrong field when it was written!
Zack Iddo
United Kingdom

13th Mar 2013
Hi dave

Would it at all be possible if you could include in your next up date for flights trips make it that from one computer you can login to 2 or more ATC cotrol positions
Dave Wave
United Kingdom

14th Mar 2013
No Zack. The user must be unique for each position. To change would be a huge job.

Consider using a control zone instead.
Joe Clifford
United Kingdom

14th Mar 2013

What about adding the option, like the remarks on pilot assist, but in Flight Strips, allowing the Controller to insert some comments such as the airports under their control. Altitude restrictions ect.

For example, London's CTA doesn't actually start until 2500+ in most places over the lower UK. All the airspace underneath it is either an airports control zone or is uncontrolled airspace.

I have people ask me all the time whether they are under my control or not.

If, in real life, London did take a top down approach to controlling then they wouldn't take every airfield/airport under their airspace, they would only take a few, the rest would be uncontrolled until aircraft are in the air and above 2500. This feature would enable ATC to insert the airports at which pilots can expect to receive a full service.

This information could then be displayed on the ATC list table. Possibly even the option in the bot for someone to type '!i EGTT' and the bot gives you the remarks of that field.

Luke Cope
United Kingdom

4th Apr 2013
Alternatively a 3d map of airspace in the uk at least could be made possibly. Might mean a lot of work for the debs though.
David Bartlam
United Kingdom

8th Apr 2013
Luke, have you tired Flight Sim Commander for your controlling? Flightstrips is a good piece of software and one you can not control without, fsx default radar and the information can often be somewhat unreliable, Commander has everything you need to aid in your controlling

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