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Frequency Swopping
David Bartlam
United Kingdom

6th Apr 2013
Can I have an update please on how well the TeamSpeak 3 Synchronisation works on the server? (Swapping frequency in the plane will also swop you in TeamSpeak).
The last time I tried using it, it sometimes worked, it sometimes didn't. FSXATC has it disabled at the moment, is it working okay?

Are you going to add that into the next Pilot Assistant update? All of the servers that use TeamSpeak in your sessions list now all use TeamSpeak 3... Yet Pilot Assistant still depicts a TS2 sync tick box.

Its something many of our members ask me about and I just say it's still in Beta mode... Where abouts are you with this?

Many thanks
Joe Clifford
United Kingdom

6th Apr 2013
Hello Again,

There may be some miss understanding here. The TS3 Channel switcher operates differently to the the way the TS2 one worked.

TS3 channel switcher runs completely server side. The user does not need Pilot Assistant for this to work. For it to be working correctly you will need to have made a Server Query Administration account within your TeamSpeak 3 server. These are the details you then insert into the FSOpen server software. It seems like you have already done this as you mentioned that it was once working.

The server software monitors all of the connected users COM Frequencies and at the same time checks the names of rooms in your teamspeak 3 server. Everytime someone changes their frequency the server software is notified, a check is made and if that room is available then the user is moved.

The check box in pilot assistant is specifically for TeamSpeak 2. A small development team wrote a library that enabled other developers to interact with TeamSpeak 2 within their own program. When this box is checked, Pilot assistant monitors for a frequency change. This then connects to TeamSpeak and the client effectively moves themselves.

Although the TeamSpeak Link is a little temperamental, it appears to me that is infact not the software but rather the individual TeamSpeak server. Most hosts place a flood limit onto their servers. Their excuse is that it is dangerous to allow users the ability to send thousands of requests to a server for fear of crashing them.

Because of this if a flood limit is reached that IP address is banned. Depending on he host depends on how long the ban lasts. Some hosts it is a minute ban. Some it is a few hours. It varies. It appears to me that this is probably the case.

It's worth checking with your TS3 host to see if they allow your ip to be added to a white list. This would enable the flood limit to be removed and hence the server software does not get banned when it puts a request in.

Dave's software has be written to prevent this happening however some servers still deem 3 requests every 10 seconds to much, which is just ridiculous.

Sadly, this is the only way of connecting to TeamSpeak. There is not a library out their yet that can replace the TeamSpeak 2 one previously mentioned.

Hopefully this answers your question.

Dave (Wave), it may be worth taking some of these replys and placing them on a frequently asked question page or a document that comes with the software. Questions are being asked so often that they disappear off of forum pages. People have a question to ask and they are to lazy to search though the forum to find an answer they just ask the question again and they either get ignored or someone writes a massive reply when it's already been written.

Dave Bartlam, I am not implying that this is one of those posts. This type of question has yet to be asked I just though I would mention it as this is a question is probably will be asked a number of times in the future.


David Bartlam
United Kingdom

6th Apr 2013
Thanks for the reply Joe, I'll pass this onto Geoff. I know we once had it working, but it's stopped. Now I know it's on our side, I'll delve a little deeper.

Many thanks

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