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how can i host multiplayer session
Tam Spiers
United Kingdom
6th Apr 2013
how can i hoist a session in fs open so other people can fly in my session
now that gamespy no more
David Bartlam
United Kingdom

7th Apr 2013
Tam, you need to host an FSOpen Server.
Curley Campbell
United States
8th Apr 2013
Although you can host and fly on the same machine.. this will cause your players to spawn on you or the closest airport to you. It is better to use two machines... one to host the session w/FSX and FSOPEN Lite... and one to fly with.

Here is a quick video from my website,to help you host/join an FSX multiplayer LAN session.

You also, of course, need to install and run from the same machine... you are hosting with... the FSOpen Lite from this site.

See the Downloads Tab here.. and also the home page.

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