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ATC request error
Shomeil Khan
United Kingdom

9th Apr 2013
I am trying to email a mail to so I could be an ATC but an error message comes up saying the message hasn't delivered. Please could you help as I would like to be ATC.
David Bartlam
United Kingdom

9th Apr 2013

On whos server? FSopen only hosts the software for sessions. Click on Sessions at the top and you will see many communities.

I am from, we always welcome new members so feel free to pop in :)

Joe Clifford
United Kingdom

9th Apr 2013

Paul is a member of FSXMultiplay (Formally FSOpen). Paul, however, has stepped away from the position of managing ATC and I have taken it over.

If you are interested in the ATC program that Paul used to run and I have continued then please come in to our TeamSpeak and have a chat. All the details are on there.

You are obviously not limited to our server. The choice is yours.



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