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Short Field Landing Contest April,27,2013
Vince Begin
United States

23rd Apr 2013
FSadventures Flight Community and KEUG Virtual FBO is hosting a short field landing
competition this weekend please come join us we will be having alot of fun no special scenery needed
come and make sure you will be there we will have possible prizes for 1st place and 2nd place winners come and enjoy the fun if any more info is posted it will be on FSAdventures Flight Community Page posted below or on home page of KEUG Virtual FBO page also posted below.

FSAdventures CEO=Vince B

KEUG Virtual FBO CEO=Charlie S

Teamspeak Adress Below
Vince Begin
United States

23rd Apr 2013
Hey guys this is Vince i should have put this info in here but we are gonna be working out of DigitalThemePark Servers and dont know which server just yet so you will be told when time come and speaking of time the event will be held either on 4:00 pacific time or 8:00 pacific time its set for four but there may be a slight change so if you dont want to join just send us an email to the email Adressed below connect to the following Teamspeak Adress in the forum box above and we will give you further info that is left and answer any of your questions you may have and get you ready for Saturday thank you everyone and hope a lot of you get to come its goning to be a real adventure hope to see you soon

admin@fsadventures.org________________________Vince B.____
Robert Dunn
United States
27th Apr 2013
Mr. Begin. Thank you for publicly notifying here of your fun sounding contest. Some various FSX multi communities are getting together earlier in the day for a cross-community default Baron flight. May we drop by your Short Field Landing Contest afterwards? Would your group consider joining us all earlier in the day in default Beech B58 Barons?

Respects, Bob...

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