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Version 0.94 of FSopen server released
Dave Wave
United Kingdom

24th Apr 2013
Fixes bug where !mic would stop working after a long time.

Adds a new tab called joiners that logs who has joined a session.
Robert Dunn
United States
27th Apr 2013

As always, Thanks Dave. Joiners tab will be useful when our members ask "anybody seen Wingman lately?". The Total Players Joined tally will help us admins determine when a non-required FSX-FSOpen server reset may be indicated. We had used the !List command to ascertain the number of players passing thru since last server reset and your new Joiners tab will replace that methodology. Because of players illogically exiting our session, either with game crashes or just plain exiting via quit FSX directly as opposed to logically stepping one's self out of multiplayer, we have anecdotally found that after 200 session logins and certainly after 300 logins, the FSOpen data regains it's normal data tracking reliability if reset. This reset indicating number is normally reached within 24 hours and certainly such reset is required before 48 hours. We run 24/7/365 and, as of late, have become increasingly populated all hours of the day and night.

May I bump the "Events" FSOpen form idea expressed in Mr. Bartlam's post here of 15 April? I see a few more events being announced here in the technical FSOpen forum. I wonder if you've given and "Events" section here at FSOpen any further thought.

With your permission, Dave and you other "major independent" (my word) admins, may I post a bannered link in a dedicated thread announcing tomorrow's Cross Community Flight? It will start at 19:00 UTC (15:00 EDT) at KHOU, Hobby Intl., Houston, Texas, USA. The flight will last for approximately four hours, is joinable any time, any hop for as long or as short a flight as you wish. Nonassociated pilots (as in, just about anybody that can run FSX multi) are cordially welcome to fly. Associated pilots, please contact your group admin and/or webpage for any special information relevant to this flight or click the flight plan link at below for the latest cross community information. I expect the information in this link to evolve throughout the day Saturday.

For only this 4 hour period, this FSX-FSOpen host server will be set to only admit the default FSX Beechcraft Baron 58 as acceptable aircraft in this limited session. members will fly a distinctive logo and colors paint Baron which, in order see on your own FSX client, you are welcomed to download from the hosting TeamSpeak filesharing utility or the artist's (Flyingdreamz) Skydrive.

Please see any further information on an FSOpen forums thread I will create intitled "Cross-Community Flight Saturday, April 27th".

Respects, Bob...

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