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Cross-Community Default Baron Flight Saturday, April 27th
Robert Dunn
United States
27th Apr 2013

FSX default Beechcraft B58 Baron (ONLY) Cross Community Flight

With your permission, Dave and you other "major independent" (my word) admins, may I post a link in this dedicated thread announcing the inaugural Cross Community Flight? It will start at 19:00 UTC (15:00 EDT) at KHOU, Hobby Intl., Houston, Texas, USA. The hops will continue for approximately four hours and is joinable any time, any hop, for as long or as short a flight as you wish.

Nonassociated pilots (as in, just about anybody that can run FSX multi) are cordially welcomed to fly. Associated pilots, please contact your group admin and/or webpage for any special information relevant to this flight or click the flight plan link at below for the latest cross community information. I expect the information in this link to evolve throughout the day Saturday.

For only this 4 hour period, this FSX-FSOpen host server will be set to only admit the default FSX Beechcraft Baron 58 as acceptable aircraft in this limited session. members will fly a distinctive logo and colors paint Baron which, in order see on your own FSX client, you are welcomed to download from the hosting TeamSpeak filesharing utility or the artist's (Flyingdreamz) Skydrive.

Please see any further information on this FSOpen forums thread as we will post in this thread for the rest of Saturday, April 27th and further post our experiences, opinions and further plans any time after the flight ends.

Thank you WarHawK (Jake) for your efforts in organizing this experiment in worldwide FSX multiplayer brotherhood.

Please also consider FSAdventures' Short Field Landing Contest later in the day.

Respects, Bob...

Robert Dunn
United States
27th Apr 2013
18:27:18 barron
David Bartlam
United Kingdom

27th Apr 2013
FSX-ATC has a few members supporting tonight
Robert Dunn
United States
27th Apr 2013
Please use our FSX-FSOpen facilities without further permission 'til your FSX host is up and running again. IP Thank you and all communities attending the inaugural cross community flight.
Robert Cohen

29th Apr 2013
Ceo/ in behalf of our pilots and myself we did take part in this event and it was a huge Sussess and looking forward to the next one here is a some screen shots of the event if you have taken screenshot and would like to upload yours you can join our teamspeak "" for login details to upload your shots. agian thanks to MS.Flights great job

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