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Advertising your events on facebook
Dave Wave
United Kingdom

27th Apr 2013
Last month we talked about creating a separate forum on here for hosts to promote events. I think a better way would be to allow hosts to post directly onto the FSopen facebook page.

This is a very quick way to reach 200 or so players, and if your own members share and like a post many more people will see your event and become aware of FSopen.

I would like to trial this idea but propose the following rules.

1. You can only post one event a week.
2. A picture or video is required with the post.
3. Any thing pushing the boundaries of fair play will result in loosing your right to post. If your not sure ask first.

What does everyone think of this? Do we need any more rules?

David Bartlam
United Kingdom

27th Apr 2013
It's a good idea... Promotes our server and your software at the same point. We do events every other day on our server, we'd be happy to pick a dedicated event for the Facebook page. A picture or video is definitely beneficial, it attracts more people

I personally have one concern with event advertising here... The "group" session, although they are a brilliant idea as they unite all of the servers into one place, I don't agree with the fact they are on a listed server from the session list. Why do I say this? We at FSX-ATC get a good influx of traffic and have a good member base which I feel lucky to have, with regular members online each night. I certainly know we will not lose any members because of this event.

We don't get very many "Top Gun pilots" or people not willing to respect our terms, spawn on runways, chasing other traffic etc which I am glad about. Although FSXEurope are at the top of the session list and still using FSX chat, they are at a disadvantage because they get these sort of players. They get constant traffic, but are the majority of them regulars and members? I beg to differ (My opinion). This sort of event will not affect them.

Other communities aren't so lucky. We all advertise events on here which is good, promoting our servers. But a big group session is going to draw most of the numbers into that dedicated server, disadvantaging those towards the middle and bottom of the session list, with the potential of leaving them member-less that evening, and potentially on a permanent basis.

My suggestion... for such group events, I would suggest having a dedicated server which only appears; and is available on the that group event night. Maybe "FSOpen Server Session". This will then not favour one particular server, in this case, MSFlights.

I think the combined session idea is a fantastic idea but I'm worried about the re-percussions it could have on the smaller communities. I am well aware that there are a good number of communities that have endorsed this event and are supporting it, and fair play to them. I would have certainly supported it and thrown all our traffic that way if it had been on a single dedicated server set up for one night only.

This is by no means a moan, a gripe, an attack or anything of a similar nature, more of an observation, an opinion. I completely respect the guys at MSFlights, they are good bunch there and are obviously willing to team up with the servers in the sessions list. You can not fault them.

David Bartlam
United Kingdom

27th Apr 2013
Looking at the sessions list often this evening, no communities seemed to have lost numbers, so I will retract my above statement. Although it was a cause for concern c
For me, routing all traffic to one server... It worked without any casualties.

Well done to the professional approach and initiative taken by MSFlights. I was unable to stay on their session but we had guys flying there tonight who have praised it.

Thank you for the hard work trying to unite the servers

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