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account problem
Jonas Rabqa

21st Jun 2013
my friend downloaded yesterday the pilot assistant software.
he dont wonted to wait 24 hours for his account. so i gave him my account name and password .
at the next day he wonted to youse his own account but you know : it's not possible to use a second account on one pc.
now i and my friend can't play at the same time :( (can someone tell me how to delet the account from the pc of my friend?
if you want you can sent it to me on e-mail cause the admin of this page don't want multiple accounts on one pc)
Spencer Morgan
United States

24th Jun 2013
First of all, it isn't a good idea to let someone use your FSOpen account since they will come up with your name. It is his fault for bypassing the registration and logging in with your username and password. No sympathy there.

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