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Free Community Teamspeak
Vince Begin
United States

25th Jun 2013

Free Community Teamspeak for all people who want to join in on gaming and join a flight division community or play war games or go create a house inside of the unlimited world of minecraft. come to the EZ Gaming Teamspeak and you may join the otheres remember this is our grand opening today so come y and join no signup required only needed is teamspeak to be installed.

do you have a group of your own and want to join a community come on in and us staff members will help you bring in your members and also setup your own teamspeak inside of our hopefully the traffic on the teamspeak will see your group and join yours so come y today make your trip worth it dont worry about how many people can fit we have 500 slots on our teamspeak.
remember game servers are running now come join the fun


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