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David Bartlam
United Kingdom

26th Jun 2013
Do you have what it takes to enter a landing competition? Are you after new scenery for your FSX? Well, here's your chance to grab some great prizes for nothing but a bit of your time.

We will be hosting a weekend long landing competition over the weekend of 27th - 28th July. We will set a descent landing target (-211 pfm, -186 pfm) or something like that.

We will be using our Virtual Airline software to judge the flight and the routes flown will be predetermined, set routes. There will be controllers available for you to utilise at the set airports throughout the weekend.

With any competition, there will be rules:
A minimum of 5 hours must have been flown on the airline prior to starting the competition.
You must be type rated on the aircraft you enter the competition with. If you are only type rated on a C172, you must use that aircraft. The bigger the aircraft, the better the prize. To get type rated, you must have successfully landed an aircraft three times with a minimum 95% pilot rating and no damage caused to the aircraft. The type rating will then be extended to the next one up. For example, to fly the 737, you must have been type rated on the C172, BE58, king air 350, Learjet 45, CRJ, 737 etc

There will be three categories:
Small jet
Big jet

The prizes are as follows:
Jet: (any one of those products)

If this event is a success, we will continue to host it after this one time. We will also improve the value of the prizes to include prizes such as the PMDG737, Open Sky weather, Flight Sim Commander (full version) etc.

This is a trial competition to see if people grasp the concept of it, if successful, we will build on it.

There is no requirement to fly on our server for the build up of hours (to go over the minimum of 5 hours) but you will need to fly on the server and be in our Teamspeak for your actual flight you are submitting for the competition, this is simply because we will have controllers online.

You can have as many attempts as you like. The landing rate required will be released nearer the time,

For more information, please view our website (the competition will be featured as of the weekend), drop me an email: or visit us in Teamspeak
David Bartlam
United Kingdom

26th Jun 2013
The website address is:
David Bartlam
United Kingdom

28th Jun 2013
I'd also like to add that once you complete the five hours initial flight time, you will not have to repeat that process for the next event.

The reason for this initial 5 hour period is simply to make it fair to those that fly on and for the FSX Worldwide server and Worldwide Airlines on a regular basis.

David Bartlam
United Kingdom

8th Jul 2013
Only three more weeks remaining until contest day!
David Bartlam
United Kingdom

15th Jul 2013
12 days until the competition starts. New applicants need to get the hours in
David Bartlam
United Kingdom

21st Jul 2013
5 days remaining

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