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Open Clouds
Derek Haselden
United Kingdom

7th Jul 2013
Hello Dave,
I have been using Open Clouds on my server since the beginning of the year and was considering getting the global coverage version of that. Out of curiosity, would I be able to run that on both my server PC and primary (gaming) PC?

Also, any players joining my server/session, would that weather be loaded into their machines as well when they join?
David Bartlam
United Kingdom

8th Jul 2013

By initiating real world weather, I believe this is predominantly for your computer. The only influence you can have for weathee on your server is by setting the original weather, weather this be predetermined rain, fog etc or real world updates or static. Members can only see weather on there xomputer in relation to their installed programmes, e.g open clouds, active sky. The users must have these specific weather textures installed on there machine and the adequate programme running
Dave Wave
United Kingdom

8th Jul 2013
You can use it on your server but the user will only get the weather within 500 miles of the server and will not receive any updates unless they rejoin the session. This is a limit of fsx not open clouds.

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