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FOS, Dynamic IP, advertising and doc need
Florian Lefebvre

9th Jul 2013
Hello to all the team FSOPEN.

For a few days we use your add-on FsOpen Server Pro version and we are quite satisfied.

But we have a little trouble with, nothing too bad we can talk rather than waiting malfunction.

Here is the list of small problems

We use FsOpen Server on a computer that is itself connected to a DSL router that it changes regularly are IP. The trouble is that when the IP change is FOS (FsOpen Server) do not see and therefore does not in day ip in the list that is on your site. We are then forced to manually cutting FOS and restarting. We use DYNDNS to have a fixed IP ( FSX but can not handle no-numeric IP. Is there a way to overcome this concern.
At the start of FOS, he asks us every time our login and then select the IP address to manage. Is there a way to avoid this procedure because we would automate most of our server.
Robots, which are otherwise very useful, send us their ad every 5 minutes, I want to understand that the advertisement is vital you, but is it not possible for authorized a lot more time spaced 30 minutes or 1 hour at least for the pro version.
And finally, are there any true type PDF documentation for FOS
I know it seem a little bit challenging and I apologize, but you're a little out our last hope for our company from death by bored.

Thank you in advance

Sincerely FLO
David Bartlam
United Kingdom

9th Jul 2013
Hi Flo. Unfortunately I can't answer the IP questions as this is above my station.

You can change the timing of the bot to suit you through the control panel once logged into FSOpen.

Florian Lefebvre

9th Jul 2013
Hi david,

The timing for it is blocked in 5 minutes.
Joe Clifford
United Kingdom

9th Jul 2013
Hello Florian,

Currently, FSOpen Server gets your IP address when it starts up. It does not search for it again at any other time as it was assumed that this would never need to happen.

You're not the only server with this problem. Many ISP's are not prepared to provide static IP addresses to 'residential' customers.

After raising the issue with Dave, he mentioned that this will be something that will be included in the next update. When that will be, I can not answer.

With regards to the timing between the ROBOT posts you are right in saying that it is currently limited at allowing no more than 5 mins. Maybe this is something Dave can too include in the next update.

There is currently no PDF manuals explaining how to use the software. To be perfectly honest, I don't think that they are necessary. Daves software isn't that complicated to operate. With so many different nationalities using FSOpen Software some users may find PDFed documents confusing when they are not in their first language. Dave has created videos, dotted around the site, which help explain how things work.

Any more questions, just ask :-)

Florian Lefebvre

10th Jul 2013
thank you for taking the time to provide me with the answers. I looked forward to updates.

Good luck to all.


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