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Air Traffic Controlled Session
Vince Begin
United States

20th Jul 2013

Hi, im Vince CEO of Eagle Branch Aviation i want to announce we are having a air traffic controlled session tonight inside digital theme park come have fun we have lots of space come join the fun lets fill the teamspeak and the server come meet new people *this isnt a recruitment this is just for hoster to be able to take a break come join in all the information will be below when you come in the teamspeak find Vince-Eagle Branch Aviation he will get you towhere you need to be you will have to be in the teamspeak to bve in the fsx server the information for the teamspeak is below come everyone and bring your whole group it starts tonight at 7:00pm eastern time 5:00pm pacific time all groups are welcome


***You have to come in teamspeak to get in fsx server***
*******************no exeptions*********************

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