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AeroFsx Server has Returned
Chase Morgan
United States

27th Jul 2013
Hello Everyone,
After some down time to sort out some issues, AeroFsx Flight Simulations is now back under the same management as before. We invite you to check out our website, like us on Facebook, join us on Teamspeak, and of course check out our server. All of this information is available on our listing on the sessions page. We hope you enjoy the server and feel free to leave feedback!
Johnny Mckenzie
United States

29th Jul 2013

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Chase Morgan
United States

30th Jul 2013
I don't see why this post was an issue to you. You have a popular server RealFsx and I think we all can agree that Aero Fsx will not be any serious competition

Sarvesh Patel
United States

30th Jul 2013
What's aero fsx and if possible can you give me the ip

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