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Open server 0.95 released for Gliders
Dave Wave
United Kingdom

30th Jul 2013
New version releases which will allow you to let gliders into a session if you want.

By default the new option to kick gliders is turned on so the system will remain the same.

If a pilot calls for a towplane he will be kicked if the option to kick spawners id selected.

Providing your session allows the user to pause his session then the user can enter the map screen from the menu and change his altitude. This allows the player to start at altitude without having to request a towplane.

Happy gliding.

Geoff Server
United Kingdom

30th Jul 2013
Oh Dave fantatic....
You can tell the weather has has taken a change for the worst you are back programming LOL....
Catch up later
David Bartlam
United Kingdom

30th Jul 2013

On behalf of myself and the other people that have suggested the use of gliders, I'd like to be the first to say thank you for allowing us to use gliders on our sessions. I look forward to the update

Thank you :)
Johnny Mckenzie
United States

3rd Aug 2013
Looks like I'm caught in a slight situation. Unfortunately my server computer is 90 miles away from where my current location is. Good to hear about the update, however I can't open to FSOpen Server again until I can update it when I get back home (due to teamviewer)

I guess I can make it work?

David Bartlam
United Kingdom

3rd Aug 2013

It's a tickbox in FSOpen which you must physically untick I'm afraid
Clive Baines
United Kingdom
6th Aug 2013
Many thanks Dave, I started flying from the start with Gliders on FSX and miss Gliding so much,not tried Gliding in the sessions yet put will do very shortly, Do you Know the name of a Gliding session , Again many thanks for sorting this out Dave,Best Wishes, Clive, UK57C

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