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Virtual Civil Air Patrol
Vince Begin
United States

31st Jul 2013

Come and join the most realistic Virtual Civil Air Patrol with a fully working virtual FBO to the side and also a flying club following right behind.Our Virtual Civil Air Patrol is the best known to be made we have real-pilots that give the students/cadets a reason to fly Flight Simulator X there is a guarantee that you will learn the most you could ever learn sitting in the comfort of your home our senior members take time to show cadets what Civil Air Patrol does we give all our cadets exams and test to make them understand what we are about most of our senior members are a part of civil air patrol in real-life the best part about this is there is no fees! all you have to do right now is go look at our website that will be listed below look on the page "HOW TO JOIN" and download and fill out the corresponding form as if you are above 18yo or below fill that form out and send it back to the email listed on the page thats all you will recieve an email within 12 hours with website login information you will recieve our teamspeak information. once you enter our teamspeak you are walking into a learning field then you will start learning and you will have learned somthing before you leave guarantee so check out our website and come and join the club



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