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ATC's power to remove people who stay on runway or are unauthorised
Borair Kasim
United Kingdom
31st Jul 2013
Hello Admin,

I am a pilot myself, and in multiple occasions have seen ATC's who suffer from people who are either unauthorised to land or takeoff or just pause their game on the runway (presumably for trolling purposes), this reduces the reality of the game and also affects my experience as a pilot. I'd love to see an option whereby ATC's have the power to remove people from servers who are either unauthorized to land or takeoff or individuals who freeze their game without notice or in an inappropiate location.

Thanks Admin.
David Bartlam
United Kingdom

1st Aug 2013
Whilst I completely understand this request and how you feel on the matter, I feel this proposal could spin out of control with immature people. There are people out there that would log on as an ATC just to cause nonsense.

I run my server (fsxworldwide) by having my trusted, regular ATC members set as admins, therefore they can then kick who they please. Remember, through flight strips, you can ban people that spawn on the runway.

For those that aren't regular ATC's on my session, I have incorporated a Contact Me form on my website and email address... If they get a problem, I get the email straight away on my phone, I then log into Teamviewer and kick the nuisance from my session.

Unfortunately we get too many idiots on these sessions who have nothing better to do than attempt to mess things up... So I personally don't think this is a good idea to give every ATC kicking rights. It's an interesting thought which hopefully, a few more server admins will voice an opinion on.

I stand by my trusted ATC's so I'm more than happy for them to have Admin rights, but there are certain members on my server that I wouldn't trust with them, unfortunately that's just the way it is
Dave Wave
United Kingdom

1st Aug 2013
Anybody with admin status can kick a player.

It's down to the individual host to grant the correct permissions for everybody.
Borair Kasim
United Kingdom
1st Aug 2013
Ok, thanks Admin. No problem

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