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David Bartlam
United Kingdom

13th Aug 2013
Hi Dave,

When running events, I intend to switch my server machine from a desktop to my laptop. The laptop is windows 8 and has all the necessary spec to host the session on.

I've now successfully run the server off the laptop twice but each time, despite the bot being selected on and a message typed into the box, the robot never posts to the chatbox and is completely unresponsive when issued a task !F, !c etc

Any ideas on how to sort this?
Curley Campbell
United States
13th Aug 2013
Try opening the FSX Chat box an keep it open... (in your FSX you are hosting with.)
Steff Missot

13th Aug 2013
So it's not "hitting enter" but the bot still typing the messages window?
But when somebody does something it doesn't?

David Bartlam
United Kingdom

14th Aug 2013
It took me most of the day to work it out but I had to stop running FSX as an admin, i ran FS open as an admin then FSX again and it worked, restarted the whole lot again and it worked okay

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