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The Dreaded Fatal Errors!
David Bartlam
United Kingdom

28th Aug 2013

We have recently been having serious issues with our members getting fatal errors. This isn't just one or two, this is constant! We had a guy today, as our event night was being hosted, tried for the duration of the event (3 hours) to get in the air, and for the whole 3 hours, he couldn't get any further than starting his engines, despite being in a default aircraft.

Have the server hosts or indeed, pilots had this trouble and can you suggest how the users can eradicate it? There are members, including myself that do not get these fatal errors. It's always the same people that do.

Any experience in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks
Steff Missot

29th Aug 2013
Monitor the packet flow, see if you can find anything unusual.
Most fatal errors in a server are caused by other players using cracked addons
Curley Campbell
United States
29th Aug 2013
Fatal errors generally have something to do with the users setup, installation, etc.... would need more specifics.

However, one possible old fix for fatal a problem for some folks, when using the top menu repeatedly. On some systems, FSX looses focus on the menue count when repeatedly switching around in the top menu.

I have a link for the proper UIAutomatedCore.dll.. (this is the 32bit version... which works) and it may help, in those cases. (Scroll down to "Fatal Error Fix.") Basically, download and drop in the main FSX directory.

No clue about the guy just starting engines.... that could be anything... more generally user error. Like... what type of aircraft.. etc... again too many unknowns, would need more specifics.

There also has been a reported case of one user in the session having his Radio Freq set to 000.00. This appears to produce a problem in a session for other players. The symptom here.. is normally other users get kicked out of the session. Have not heard of this generating any "fatal error" however.

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