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Aero FSX Upcoming Events and News!
Patrick Hill
United States

29th Aug 2013
I am happy to say that the server will be opening up September 1st and we will be having our first event September 6th (First weekend in September). Our staff team is now deciding where will first location is going to be for our event. We have had some promotions in the server, Joshua Creese is now Head Of Air Traffic Control, James Hill is now Owner along side of me, and Chase Morgan is now a Center Controller. We are going to need people to do Air Traffic Control that day in our server, we are currently working on a Air Traffic Control application form to put on our website. Until we finish that you can message the page on Face Book. We are also going to be needing people to fly with us, this is where we need your help! If you could help us by telling all you friends about us, let them know about our first event and our opening date. This helps us get more people which means more fun! Myself and many others will be doing ATC during the event so jump in a plane and come fly with us! Our website is www.aerofsx.comlu. com and our Face Book page is

Happy Flying,
Patrick Hill

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