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FSopen system resources
David Figge
United States

8th Sep 2013

Checked on our server today and found that FSopen server was using a lot of the CPU resources. The CPU is a i7 2600k so it should not be loaded like this.

49.15% of a i7 2600k cpu

I restarted the FSopen server software and the resource level was back to normal

after reboot 0.32% of cpu resources

Seen this a few times - not a everyday kind of event. Any ideas?

Best regards
Dave Wave
United Kingdom

9th Sep 2013
I've not come across this before.

Has anybody else seen this?

David Bartlam
United Kingdom

9th Sep 2013
Yea I sometimes get it, I thought it was natural?
David Figge
United States

19th Sep 2013

Same thing happened again this morning.

Had to reboot FSX to clear some AI aircraft from the host airport. After rebooting FSX but not FSopen the system CPU resources for FSopen became very high.

Restarted FSopen and all was normal again.
Mark Killen

3rd Mar 2014
So a question on this. Any more news on this?

Dave Wave
United Kingdom

4th Mar 2014
I think I fixed the issue, unless anyone says its still happening.

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