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server issues
David Bartlam
United Kingdom

28th Sep 2013

Just an ongoing issue that's only just been bought to my attention. When using my secondary machine to host the server, although I set real world weather, i sometimes get the winds but some times don't. Other users are getting winds at whatever degrees at 0knots, although the metar and atis shows the windds. The server also isnt interacting with FSCommander, well, it's showing traffic in the air but not on the ground. When I log onto different servers hosted by others, I don't have the same issue so it's a server issue on my end
Any ideas?
Dave Wave
United Kingdom

28th Sep 2013
When you set real world weather your server goes and gets the weather from a file hosted by Jeppsen.

When users connect to you they just pick up the fact that real weather is selected and each machine then goes of to get its own copy from Jeppsen.

Since Microsoft stopped paying Jeppsen for providing this service some years ago its been reported that this has become unreliable and this is what might be causing the issue.

To check what weather has been loaded go into the map and only select the W icon for weather. Where you see arrows, this indicates wind direction and speed. If you see lots of squares with a diagonal line then no weather was loaded at this station.

Paul Gallagher
United Kingdom

29th Sep 2013
dave wave do you have eny clue to how on fs commander the host can see ia traffic on the ground at other airport than the one you are controlling at. it work on some server but not on others i know you have to be zoomed in 5nm to see the ai at another airport but in our server there is nothing only traffic at airport im doing atc at there is no problem with air born ia traffic i can see from egcc all the way down to eddf aircraft in the air and my fuips is set to 0

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