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Database migration for fsopen
Dave Wave
United Kingdom

3rd Dec 2013
This morning I moved the database to a new server.

I took the opportunity to change a few things at the same time to improve consistency and speed within the system. The changes should be transparent to you, other than the new database can execute queries 4x faster than the old one and is less likely to lock up.

Please let me know if you spot anything weird happening.

Robert Dunn
United States
3rd Dec 2013
Will monitor and report back abnormalities here. Thanks for the upgrade/update.

Separate subject, Please reinvoke WireShark on P3Dv2 host to whatever settings you had it after I am thru with the reconfiguration that I described in the P3Dv2 host server thread. I saved your WireShark data to the P3Dv2 Windows 8.1 desktop in an appropriately named file.

Respects, Bob...

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