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Cross Community Flights #3
Robert Cohen

13th Dec 2013
Hello Simmers !
Back in April 27th ms.Flights Hosted The first Community Flights #1 - 71 planes attended followed by July 06th 70 Planes attended that one And now Bostons Virtual has stepped up and will Host this one

Date: Saturday, December 14

Time: 3pm EST (2000Z) any time after 2:00 1900z to get setup would help a lot

You Can see full post on our easternhops forum get teamspek passwords and so on

I have included the FSOpen Baron-58 in our texture pack that can be downloaded on our site

Hope you can take some time to join us there
Simon Mulder
United States

14th Dec 2013
Thanks for this posting!

I do have one thing to add, that here is the new banner WarHawK made for the 3rd flight.

Robert Dunn
United States
14th Dec 2013
Independent pilots, please be advised that a TeamSpeak3 password is necessary to participate in this quarterly worldwide FSX multiplayer event. You can easily obtain this TeamSpeak3 password by visiting any of the participating community websites and looking for this event announcement. Here are a few of the many community website announcements bearing the required TeamSpeak3 password as well as more information:

There are default Baron 58 community themed paints appropriate for this cross community flight here:

Respects, Bob...

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