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FSOpen International Airport
David Bartlam
United Kingdom

14th Dec 2013
I've recently been delving into the world of development within FSX, particularly with airport design. I've managed to design various training airports designed specifically for that purpose, training. Not only can I now do airports, I can also place scenery in specified locations at specified heights, recently completing a very detailed Helicopter Training session complete with landing platforms, handling tests, hover tests and even an Auto-rotation zone. I hosted an event at FSXWordlwide utilising the scenery... We had 26 people join in, for a helicopter event, I thought that number was brilliant.

So, what does this have to do with this community? Well, Everything really. I'd like to design an airport specifically for FSOpen. How can you help? Simple! I plan on rolling out the scenery once it is completed, as the title states, it's available for use by the whole of the FSopen community. Therefore, I'd like to incorporate stands and gates for each community, FSXWorldwide, MSFlights, Real FSX etc (If you guys would like to be part of it that is).

What do I require from you? Well, I will be incorporating two versions of the airport... One which is just that, an airport. The second will include and training aids you may find useful, it could be slaloms for handling and control, landing zones with particular markings etc. Therefore, the two things I'd like from you guys is A) Do you think it's a good idea and would you like a stand and designated gates and B) Is there any particular training aids that you'd like me to incorporate.

Obviously it will take me a while to design and create the airport to a good standard, but it's something I've been wanting to do for quite a while.

Any suggestions or ideas, please comment below, email or/and use our Contact Us resources on the website.

Thanks in advance for your input

Dave Bartlam

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