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Cesar Esquivel
United States
16th Dec 2013
How can i set up the server for prepar3d?

i tried the same way as FSX but isn't working.

Thank you!
Robert Dunn
United States
16th Dec 2013
I'd love to help you, Mr. Esquivel We successfully ran the Prepar3D v2 public host server for three weeks at IP and we had no problems either in multiplayer host configuration nor connection stability in that test. Have you successfully run an FSX host, therefore have your router ports correctly forwarded to your P3Dv2 host computer? You do know multiplayer and multiplayer host are enabled out of the P3Dv2 in-game free flight screen under menu item "Flights", option "multiplayer", right? Could you describe here more of what "isn't working" with your P3Dv2 hosting effort? I can meet you on our TeamSpeak3 at TS server ID or correspond with you via email at or try to answer your questions here in FSOpen forum. If you want to chat with me on our TeamSpeak, indicate to me somehow when I should look for you. Do you use TeamViewer remote desktop control software? If so, I'd love to come on your machine and take a look at what may be defeating your hosting effort.

Did you ever successfully connect P3Dv2 client multiplayer to that host we used to run at IP labeled "FSOpenMSF-P3Dv2 TEST"?

Dave Wave is experienced also in P3Dv2 multiplayer hosting and may be able to also give you advice. All us P3Dv2 multiplayer enthusiasts have an interest in you getting your host up and working and we will all visit you. Can you publish your P3Dv2 host IP address and hours of operations if you get it running? We'll come visit your P3Dv2 host and leave in-game chat box messages about our connection experiences.

Respects, Bob...
Cesar Esquivel
United States
16th Dec 2013
Thank You, this is perfect.
i'll check all the steps you mention, if i encounter a problem i will let you know.

Best Regards.

Vivas Enrique

18th Dec 2013
I would try to be as host Prepar3Dv2 following tests I found that the connection was ok, but I am already registered as a host on FSX Fsopen, if possible how? ¿I must m 'recorded another new faith with login name and password
thank you

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